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And once you have identified the ideal candidate?

Discover our services for Recruitment and Onboarding!



Our process of personnel Research & Selection, thanks to innovative and digital tools, allows to find the candidate aligned to your requirements.

The meeting between the many years of experience of our Senior Managers and the flexibility and resourcefulness of our Hr Professionals and Social Media Managers translates into a high value-added teamwork to support your company.

Check out our job offers:

WHAT identify our services?

  • Business experience and digital attitude

  • Professionalism, Reliability and Speed

  • Remote provided services, with innovative tools

  • Involvement of an expert Senior Manager in the interviews of the position sought

  • Professional service guarantee

  • Ability to reach candidates nationwide

  • Social media channels announcement dissemination, places of "digital aggregation" of the interested figures.

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The ideal candidate has been hired. Did you know there is no second chance to make a good first impression?

The first weeks are crucial to define and transfer the company values. It is essential to create an effective onboarding path.

We know that this process can be long and expensive, we have created onboarding paths in e-learning mode, automated, personalized and usable everytime and from any device.

For information and costs email us

or visit the section Digital Learning.



Have you ever heard of mentoring? It is a supportive and guiding relationship between a more experienced mentor and a mentee who wants to learn and grow.


Our Senior Community is made by Senior Managers from large companies with extensive knowledge in the most varied sectors ready to share it with young and less young people entering the world of work or who are changing jobs or need to make a career leap.

Here are some benefits that our mentors will bring you:

  • They will help you develop skills and knowledge that would otherwise be difficult to acquire. Thanks to the experience, the mentor can teach you to avoid costly mistakes!

  • They will offer an external and objective perspective on your career, helping to identify strengths and weaknesses, weigh options and make informed decisions.

  • They will support you in building a professional network and personal contacts, they will be able to introduce you to new opportunities and facilitate professional development.

Discover our Senior Community

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