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About us

We are an Innovative SME born with the DNA of business knowledge enhanced by innovation and a digital approach. Our mission is to boost talent in people and companies by making business knowledge available through our professional services. How do we do this? By collaborating with Companies, Institutions, People, Accelerators and Business Incubators. We are a for-profit company operating with ethical margins.



We are often asked why we are called Stars&Cows. Stars stands for the young people and 'young' organisations that we support in their personal, organisational, managerial growth, while the word Cows has two meanings. The first refers to our Senior Community - our 'Cows' - whose experiences are made available to the Stars in growth and support projects. The second meaning refers to our collaborative community, our shared workspace, in fact Cows is also an abbreviation for coworkers.



We like to look outside the box! We collaborate and team up with other entities that are synergetic to our services in order to offer an all-round service to our customers.

Fabularis Lab

Fabularis Lab is a digital art lab where synergies between digital-artists turn into innovative projects that meet companies' business needs. Motion graphics, professional 3D graphics services, photorealistic renderings, 3D modelling, augmented reality and virtual reality, commercials and digital animations are the core areas of expertise.


The Seniors’ Association pursues socially useful and non-profit activities. Interlocutor of the economic and institutional world, it aims to share and develop ideas and managerial skills to foster the generational transfer of knowledge.


Open co-working space in the heart of the ceramic district, perfect for startuppers and freelancers who seek a dynamic environment in which to trigger synergies, ideas and projects.

Nuova Cerform

Professional and managerial training centre for the Italian ceramic industry that believes in people investment as a key value for every company and organised community.


Nuova Cerform uses advanced methodologies to design new training courses in line with the worker’s lifecycle and the relevant company areas. It realises its services through market-based activities and funded trainings by means of specialised channels.


Irecoop aims to be an tool for the development of skills and for the innovation of the local manufacturing industry, starting with co-operative and social enterprises and their members. Furthermore, Irecoop aims to spread the cooperative concept and related principles as well as to support the labour market and the professional development of people.

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Registered office

Via della Stazione 41, Fiorano
Modenese (MO)


Via Gazzotti 220, Modena (MO)


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