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Find new job opportunities and boost your career!


Through individual support, guidance and skills development, we facilitate a smoother and more positive transition to a new career.

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Thanks to a personalized journey by the mentors of our Senior Community

you will increase your skills, focus on your future and be ready to enter a new reality!

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Created by Tim Clark, the Business Model You is a tool used to think of yourself in terms of a "business model", to reflect on your potential and identify the keys to achieve professional goals.


The Business Model You is built on the logic of visual thinking and allows you to share complex concepts in a simple way through 9 blocks and the use of post-its that can be moved from one to another.

The You business model allows you to:

  • Reflect on your working condition to (re)align it with personal and professional desires and aspirations!

  • Review, re-organize and improve your work and career

  • Act now to make your projects concrete.

For information and costs email us

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