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Recent market trends in recruitment show that we have moved from a "centric company approach” to a "centric candidate" one. Did you know that now the candidate chooses the company and not the other way around?


Are you ready for the war of talent and secure your company the best talent on the market? Trust us to find the ideal candidate!

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First, invest in employer branding, which is actions to promote your company’s image and reputation as a workplace.

Employer Branding is the set of recruitment marketing strategies that aim to build a corporate image consistent with the company’s identity as an ideal workplace, in order to attract and retain talented employees.

We will help you:

  • To take care of your online and offline corporate image with a tailor-made service

  • To create organic and paid communication campaigns aimed at your target audience on all digital channels

  • To prepare catchy and attractive job descriptions

We are a branding agency offering quality services!
Trust us!


  • Loyalty of employees who become Ambassadors of the company brand

  • 50% reduction in selection costs and 28% reduction in turnover

  • Increase the brand visibility

  • Engagement of available talent in the market through online communities

  • More effective social recruitment strategies

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Hackathon is a one-day marathon, in which participants, divided into groups, identify innovative solutions to a challenge proposed by the company and judged by a jury of experts.

Our Hackathon model involve Senior Managers as team and jury mentors.

Hackathon is ideal for:

  1. Identify new talents

  2. Approaching the new generations

  3. Generate innovative ideas AND SOLUTIONS

For information and costs email us at


Talent Program

Talent Program is a customized company program to attract young talents without geographical limits, selected from Italian and foreign universities.


Our Talent Program is based on a real challenge defined with the company on which a group of young people will develop a project work in order to generate effective and specific solutions with the support of senior figures as mentors (you already know our Senior Community? Check it out here )

Our Talent Program can be realized in partnership with

University or Institutions and allows to create innovation in the companies and in the production district.

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